Who I Am

Husband and Father

I am married to April Moyer and we have one child Autumn Moyer. Also living with us at any time is a rescue animal or pet pending adoption by our local animal shelter through the volunteer program. We focus on doing fun things around the house and saving for great international vacations. For  great pictures and a better view of my family life send me a friend request on:





DoD Contractor

Since leaving the US Army as a 33W (35T) I have worked for several great contracting companies. My services have focused primarily on information technology support of military intelligence organizations. This support has spanned both conventional and special forces at different echelons as well as for each of the 4 military branches.  For a full listing of my experience and education please view my resume.

I am currently employed by Sotera Defense Solutions as the DCGS-A Integration Deputy Program Manager.

Education Supporter

I started late into education. When getting out of the Army I did not think that I ‘needed’ a college education. Times have changed for me. I have now invested in myself through both technical certifications and formal education.

I currently hold over 10 certifications and trainings. For more information regarding my DoD and industry IT certification please visit my resume.

For formal education, I hold a BS-IT and an MBA-ITM from WGU as well as a graduate certificate of project management from UMUC.

I highly recommend WGU to anyone seeking to further their education. For more information please see my WGU alumni referral page.

I have also founded a 501c3 non profit that helps to educate other non-profits and charity staff on IT, business and marketing topics. To learn more visit freeforcharity.org


Physical Investor / Entrepreneur

Taking an active role in investing for the future is to me a critical part of anyone’s life. Investing to me means more than just stocks and bonds stashed away in a 401K. Taking a physical approach to investing I hold many unique assets above and beyond stocks and bonds.

For more information regarding my physical investments in rental real-estate, solar electricity, and tropical hard woods please visit my investment website (www.physicalinvestor.com)

Due to, yet beyond my personal investments I have found the need to create businesses and formal structures.  Some of these are simply extensions of the investments that I have made the like the website above. Others derive from my new found interest in management and project management practices. For the most up to date listing of my current projects please check out my business website (www.moyermanagement.com)