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Absolutely free, alumni referral to Western Governors University (WGU).

For years now since I started and subsequently graduated from Western Governors University I’ve been referring my friends family and colleagues to enroll in the university with the WGU referral program. I have done this due to how much I enjoyed my experience as well as how much I feel that I have actually gained from the completion of my degrees. While I have attended two ground-based colleges and three different online colleges, both before and after my degrees with Western Governors University; Western Governors University is the only one who really rises to the top and deserves my undivided recommendation.

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Clarke Moyer WGU Refferal



Still not convinced? Read on to see why I recommend WGU so highly and I ask you to consider them for your formal education with my WGU referral program.

Why education at all?

In a nut shell formal education has had the following effects in my life:

Quantitative factors (actual provable results)

  • More total job offers
  • More stability in my position
  • Improved positions
  • Direct promotions

Qualitative factors (perceived effects)

  • More stability in my active position
  • Transition from wage worker to career focus
  • Seen as more of an expert
  • Better grasp of the ‘big picture’


Why an online university?

Don’t Quit Your Job

You do not have to quit your job to gain an education

More Degree Choices

You do not have to limit yourself to the programs available in your local college


You can move and not worry about transferring credits. With a traditional university if you move between accreditation regions some or all of your coursework will not transfer.


If your online university holds the same accreditation as your state university it is hard to discount the quality of the program.

Why Western Governors University (WGU)?

In addition to being an online university Western Governors University is also very rare because of the combination of how it started. It started as a grouping of 19 Western Governors the actual governors of the states had inputs and how the university would be built from the ground up. This resulted in several unique aspects of the University not found in common online universities.


The biggest factor that is in Western Governors University’s favor is that it is a nonprofit. Many online schools are actually owned by for-profit companies and as such the tuition fees tend to be higher to account for the profit margin of the controlling interest of the university. Western Governors University from the start decided that the nonprofit approach was critical to ensuring low cost to students as well as making sure that the profit motive was not the primary motive of the educational institution. Once again profit is not the primary motive of Western Governors University it is the education of students.

Fully Accredited

Almost any school you will run into is “accredited”. The question to ask is exactly what type of accreditation. From a business perspective and the majority opinion a regionally accredited school is considered the standard. All University of ‘insert state’ are accredited regionally by a regional accrediting board. Western Governors University took a step further given that they are represented by Governors in all four regional accreditation zones Western Governors University has been accredited by all four regional accreditation bodies. This means that no matter what college your HR representative or hiring managers is from Western Governors University is accredited by the same accrediting body.

Asynchronous Education (Complete Assignments without Common Limitations)

Traditional universities as well as a majority of online universities still do classroom instruction exactly the same as hundreds of years ago. Instruction model prescribes listening to an instructor for a set amount of time and then doing homework due at a specific point in time before getting new homework and another specific time. How does asynchronous education work? With asynchronous education the entire syllabus is available for review at the start of the class. Beyond just knowing what topics will be covered all assignments from the start to the end of the class are available immediately upon entering the course. Every assignment can be completed whenever the individual student can complete the assignment. No longer do you have to wait to turn in an assignment until the full class of students is completed with it. In effect this creates two results. The first result is you do not have any due dates for assignments. As long as the entire course is completed by the end of the semester you can complete the work any time. The second result is that if you can perform or work in a week than the syllabus expects you to perform you are not hindered and can submit assignments from future weeks. For highly motivated students this can result in extraordinary acceleration not possible in the conventional 12 week model used in most universities.

Year-Round College (Work When You Want to Work Don't When You Don't)

While majority of universities are now finally turning their summer semesters into near full semesters the vast majority of higher education facilities are still working on the semester-based model. Western Governors University has evolved to a 100% year-round model. There is no break between the two six-month long semesters so you do not have to wait and take every single vacation, spring break, or summer in order to continue your education. With Western Governors University if you’re enrolled as a student you have access to your classes, your assignments, and your instructors year-round. Couple this with the asynchronous education model discussed above and the acceleration capabilities are even greater. You may wonder if you’re always enrolled how do you select and know what classes you should be taking. Degree programs with WGU are structured in a way that the next class that you need to take whether that be an elective, or a core class for your degree is able to be added to your semester at any time by your dedicated University mentor. If you finish the class quickly need a new class just contact your mentor tell Them what class you want added and it will be added to your semester so you can start work without ever missing a beat. This allows you to start off small easily obtainable goals of a traditional number of credits but then as needed as able to can add new courses and complete your degree faster. If a medical issue, work, or vacation comes up all of your assignments will be waiting for you when you return. Again as long as you complete all of your assignments for at least the minimum number of enrolled classes by the end of the six-month term you can complete everything at your own pace.


Convinced yet to give it a shot?

Absolutely free, alumni referral to Western Governors University (WGU).

Clarke Moyer WGU Refferal